Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the President of Christ Embassy and Believer’s LoveWorld, Inc. The Nigerian pastor is known for his Spirit-filled services and anointing that definitely makes an impact on those who get to experience his preaching and teaching. As a pastor for more than 30 years, he is also a best-selling author alongside his duties as a pastor, healer, teacher and television host. He runs the Healing School of Christ Embassy and has helped many receive what they believe to be divine healing.


Along with the teaching and healing ministries, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also has a thriving publishing ministry as a best-selling author and a television ministry as a television host. His book “Rasphody of Realities” is the number 1 best-selling daily devotional in the world and has sold over half a billion copies and been translated into over 800 languages. His television ministry started in 2003 when he founded the world’s first 24-hour Christian Satellite Network. Since it’s inception it has launched five additional satellite networks: LoveWorldTV in the UK, LoveWorldSAT in South-Africa, LoveWorldPLUS in Nigera, LoveWorldCANADA in Canada and LoveWorldUS in the United States.


It was just released that in conjunction with Pastor Benny Hinn, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is launching a new religious television ministry, Loveworld USA, help continue to bring the refuge of faith and hope of healing to millions all over the world. Loveworld USA will be based in California, US, but will be available all over the world via the Internet.


Programming will include a series of conferences, crusades, shows focusing on prayer and healing, with music from both Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn. Along with the special events as noted earlier, there will be some steady programming to anchor the network to keep viewers watching on a daily basis. Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris will be available along with This is Your Day with Pastor Benny Hinn. There will be other feature shows featuring prominent pastors such as Kenneth Copeland, Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, Marilyn Hickey and Rod Parsley. There will be a daily event show that will feature how the power of God can move in lives and change circumstances for people all over the world.


Pastor Oyakhilome and Pastor Hinn both know what the power moving in and through lives can do in order to change generations of families from hardships and wish to be able to convey this power and hope through their new religious channel.