Materials Used for Beer Coozies

When people think about coozies, their minds might jump right to the beer sleeves they usually see decorating drinks at company picnics and tailgates. There are a lot of materials available in the market today for coozies, from burlap to denim. Maybe a wedding is around the corner, or people want custom huggers for their next trade shows. Let us take a closer look at various options when it comes to materials used to make a good beer hugger.

What is Coozies used for?

These things are used for insulating a cold drink (can or bottle) against the surrounding air. While these things are made using different mediums, they all have the same task: keep drinks refreshingly cold.

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What materials are commonly used?

Materials like neoprene, polyurethane, and foam are the most common materials used for these things. Beer huggers wrap around cans or bottles and provide a pretty nice hug. Mediums are made from need to be an excellent insulator to keep the drink refreshing and cold. These things can be made from the following materials:


This material is used to make scuba diving wetsuits. It means that it is waterproof, strong, and very sturdy. It is also pretty flexible as well as offers excellent insulation. Neoprene is a much better material in terms of quality, which makes it more expensive compared to other options.


It is one of the cheapest or most cost-effective mediums available in the market today. It is also pretty porous. It means that it allows more warm air to reach the drink compared to other coozie materials. If people are ordering a lot of beer huggers on a budget, this thing is an excellent option.


Pieces of Denim are not only exclusive to vests and jeans. It can also be used to make beer huggers. Denim coozies usually have rubber or neoprene materials to insulate the can or bottle.


Events like rustic weddings would not be complete without burlap coozies. Similar to pieces of denim, these things also have a rubber or neoprene interior to keep bottles or cans cold.


This type of coolie is usually made by hand, either with knitting or crocheting. When people have yarn coolies, their hands will stay comfortable and warm, especially while holding their drinks.


Polyurethane or commonly known as PUR, is a kind of foam that has small gas bubbles trapped inside, making it a good insulator. This thing is also one of the thickest mediums available on the market.

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Stainless steel

Stainless steel is considered the most durable medium for coozies. Most of these things have double-wall insulations that can help keep drinks cold or hot.


This thing is a very good insulator for cold drinks. It is a very cheap medium that works pretty well as neoprene.

Jersey cloth

Coozies made from this thing are very comfortable and soft to hold. Think of it as a shirt for your beer can or bottle.


While this thing may not be the best option for a coozie, it is one of the best when it comes to durability. Plastic coozies are very tough and will protect the drink if it gets knocked down or dropped by accident.


It is a kind of plastic that is used to make coozies. Beer huggers made using vinyl are waterproof, sturdy, hard, and good at insulating the can or bottle. Vinyl is also a pretty cost-effective or cheaper option.

Bottle or can jackets are made with different mediums that all help keep drinks ice cold even during a sizzling summer day. Now, it is time to learn more about how to care for beer coozies, where to purchase them, as well as how to use them properly.

How to wash beer coolers

Most bottles or can jackets can be washed using a washing machine with chilly water and like colors using a regular detergent or dish soap. People need to make sure always to air-dry their coozies.

The bottom line

As we can see, these jackets can be made from different materials. Whether they decide to get the medium and make their own or buy one that is already ready-made, the options are nearly limitless. Choose the right material that suits you best, as well as your drinks, to make it refreshingly cold every time.