Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer barbecue season.  The start of that season is accompanied by the inevitable debate over the best techniques, sauces, seasonings, and meats.  Debates over barbecue methods, sauces and cuts have continued since mankind first cooked meat over an open flame.  Every region swears by its favorite cut of meat, sauce, rubs and cooking techniques.  And some assert that it is heretical to coat a really good cut of meat such as one gets from Omaha Steaks with any seasoned sauce or rub because the flavorings overwhelm the meat’s own unique taste.  Fortunately, when you take advantage of a Groupon special to purchase a discount order of meat from Omaha you can have enough to cook them in a number of different ways; this gives you the freedom to find out which technique meets your particular preference.

Not only do different regions have their preferred barbecue methods, they also have their preferred meats.  Some regions assert that pork is the only meat that is proper to put in the barbecue grill.  Others say this is not true and that various cuts of beef are best.  While pork ribs may rule in the American South, beef ribs take center stage in the Midwest.  And both may take a back seat to beef steak or chicken in communities on the Gulf Coast, along with fish or seafood specialties.

Debates usually reach their shrillest when people discuss the best sauces and rubs to use when preparing and seasoning the meat.  Every barbecue master has his or her own “secret” barbecue sauce.  And they all hold their secret recipes and methods somewhere close to their computer passwords.  Some feel a “true” barbecue sauce can only be prepared completely from scratch; it heresy to use things like commercial ketchup.  Others feel no true barbecue sauce exists without distilled spirits.  And still others say a great sauce requires really spicy peppers.  There are sweet sauces using sugar, syrup, molasses and honey and savory sauces using vinegar, horseradish and mustard.  The judgement ultimately depends on how the sauce enhances the taste of the meat.  So, using a Groupon to get a combo from Omaha Steaks can be the best way to have the selection of meats for your chefs to prepare for the judges at your next summer barbecue contest.