7 Movie Related Destinations You Should Consider for Your Summer Holiday

Travelling for the summer holiday requires some thinking, and this is because for most, it is the only extended break taken for the whole work year.

Vacations allow us to dream, clears our mind, leaves us feeling refreshed, and ready to face the rest of the year. It is for this reason many take care to choose their travel destinations; and movie related locations would hardly be regarded as a miss.

Travelling, though of course dependent on where it is being travelled to, may require a bit (okay maybe more) financial commitment, and cutting costs is a good way to save some money. On Collected.Reviews, there are feedbacks about travel deals that the potential summer travelers must look into, before getting wrongly baited into any of the many deals that get littered around as summer draws near.

Below are seven movie related destinations that should be the top of your list:

1.      The Scottish Highlands

Movies like Braveheart, Rob Roy, and Harry Potter had scenes shot here, so if you are a student of Hogwarts, you just may need to visit the Scottish Highlands to be able to fully call yourself a student. If these movies however read unfamiliar to you, fear not. The highlands are a wonderful place for vacationing because of its amazing scenery. The mountains, the sea and coast, the games, and the culture makes it a prime location for holidays.

2.      Hawaii

The stunning beaches, weather, the ocean, and the culture are just a few of the many reasons that makes Hawaii a winner in the eyes of a traveler, and the Director. A great place to unwind, Directors useHawaii to represent the disconnect that happens when one is away from the pressure of daily activities required for survival.

3.      Petra, Jordan

An ancient city carved in stones, and used in the closing scenes of the original Indiana Jones trilogy, Petra, Jordan is the absolute representation of the word, ‘picturesque’.  It offers a unique glance into history with its ancient ruins and captivating architecture. While it may not be the ideal place for a ‘fun’ trip, it is the one if you are looking to feel.

4.      Kenya

Known for its wildlife (home to the African lion, African elephant, the white and black rhinos, the African Leopard, and the Cape Buffalo), Kenya is ideal for safari first timers because of its efficient touring infrastructures that makes navigating the wildlife easy for tourists. The climate is warm for most of the year, which makes it perfect for visit at whatever time of the year.

5.      St. Vincent and the Grenadines

With islands littered in so many countries, one may seek to visit one to simply get the feel that the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean granted, but nowhere does it quite like St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a small island known for its gorgeous scenery and it’s crazy fun parties. You can time your visits to its holiday weekends to fully experience its nightlife.

6.      Florence, Italy

A home to a lot of Renaissance masterpieces it is no surprise that it is a prime location for movies to be shots. Florence enjoys visits all year round because of its art galleries, monuments, and because many want to see for themselves, the place that has inspired, and continues to inspire a lot of influence in art, politics, and culture.

7.      Las Vegas

If calm, laidback places are not your scene for travel, then Vegas is the place to visit. Its vibrancy and night life are one of the top reasons it gets visited by many. The option to also unwind at beaches during the day and visit places that featured in movies holds an appeal that is hard to contend with.

Whether you have decided to spend your summer holiday hitting it at the club, or simply sipping some juice while watching nature, if you are on the look to be at a place that reminds you of a favorite movie scene or you simply want to, for that brief time, live like you are in a movie, these seven locations are the place to start from.