Try Making Love at 7 This Time, Stress-Free Guaranteed!

Having sex does not only have to be done at night because there are several other times that are right to make love. To make your sex more comfortable and passionate, you can Buy Viagra in Canadian Pharmacy Online.

Anytime? following the review:

1. Before the presentation

Research shows that having sex can calm the nerves, reduce blood pressure and reduce stress. One study even found that people who have sex before public speaking can reduce stress levels.

2. Morning

“Not only testosterone and high energy levels in the morning, but increased levels of oxytocin also make you and your partner bound throughout the day. In addition, endorphins can also improve your mood,” said sex expert Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D.

3. When the weather is not good

It may sound strange, but studies show that having sex can really improve your immune system.

4. Fertile period

A new study found that about two weeks of menstruation, women will experience fertility. At that time, the clitoris will develop up to 20 percent larger. At that time, orgasm will be more easily obtained than other days.

5. After exercise

One study from the University of Texas at Austin compared women’s reactions after 20 minutes of cycling. Scientists found that blood flow to their genital area turned out to be 169 percent higher after exercise.

6. After experiencing a bad day

Want to get rid of heavy stress in the office? Sex may be the right answer.

“Studies show that sex is another form of love. Even holding hands can significantly improve the mood of you and your partner. In addition, you will reduce stress levels,” O’Reilly said.

7. After doing something terribly

One of the best times to make love is after doing extreme things. Like watching horror movies, riding a rollercoaster.

“When you experience something creepy, your adrenaline will increase and your body is in a state of arousal and sexual response also increases,” O’Reilly said.

A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior confirms that interest and desire to make love best after doing after experiencing terrible things.